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Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance is the first leveraged yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain

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What is Alpaca Finance?

Alpaca Finance is the first leveraged yield farming protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. We are a fair launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. It is truly a product built by the people, for the people. Why did we build Alpaca Finance? As Binance Smart Chain (BSC) becomes more popular, we see a gap in applications offered on BSC compared to other chains such as Ethereum. One of the key missing pieces is an on-chain leverage protocol! Pioneered by Compound during the DeFi Summer, yield farming has become a popular way for projects to bootstrap their liquidity and acquire new users. Alpaca Finance seeks to expand on the success of these trailblazers by providing value to the BSC community through leveraged yield farming. We believe Alpaca Finance will give farmers a chance to enhance their yield — which so far has only been a whale game on Ethereum where the gas fee is just too damn high! Our Protocol: As a user, you can participate in Alpaca Finance in four different ways: - Lender  - Yield Farmer - Bounty hunter - Liquidator


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Alpaca Financetakes full advantage of the power of the blockchain.It is a game based on the NFT + meta-universe on BSC blockchain which anyone can play. Any new player can earn game tokensBSC to consume or transact in the virtual world.
NFT is a non-homogeneous token, and NFT provides a new way to solve copyright problems: when a work is cast as an NFT chain, it is given a unique code that can not be tampered with. No matter how many times the work is copied and disseminated, the original author remains the sole owner of the work. With the help of blockchain, players can create rare virtual items and ensure their scarcity. The the assets in the game is absolutely true and Alpaca Finance is a good tool to make money.
Alpaca Financetokens are BSC ,which are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain.
If the player experiences the joy of Alpaca Finance, they can follow the official instructions to join in. If you want to make money as a sideline, you need to think carefully.