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Next Generation Gaming : Free to Play to Earn (F2P2E) ‌ Gaming should be fun

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Splinterlands statistics

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What is MOBOX NFT Farmer?

Next Generation Gaming : Free to Play to Earn (F2P2E) ‌ Gaming should be fun.  Rather than having to think about every single penny you spend and taking up all your time, wouldn’t it be great to play to earn? ‌ MOBOX has built a unique infrastructure that builds on the growing DeFi ecosystem and combines it with Gaming through unique NFTs.  Using Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and NFTs, the GameFi infrastructure will not just find the best yield strategies for users but also generate unique NFTs that can be used across a multitude of games.  This gives MOBOX users the unique ability to play for free and to earn in one singular process. ‌ Imagine a series of games where you don’t actually spend your hard earned money to purchase in-game resources or heroes, but rather a saving’s account where the more you save the more resources you earn and the more heroes you can summon. ‌ By providing liquidity to certain CRATES (pools),  CRATE contracts will automatically deliver the best yield for users by utilizing optimal yield farming strategies.


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MOBOX NFT Farmertakes full advantage of the power of the blockchain.It is a game based on the NFT + meta-universe on BSC blockchain which anyone can play. Any new player can earn game tokensBSC to consume or transact in the virtual world.
NFT is a non-homogeneous token, and NFT provides a new way to solve copyright problems: when a work is cast as an NFT chain, it is given a unique code that can not be tampered with. No matter how many times the work is copied and disseminated, the original author remains the sole owner of the work. With the help of blockchain, players can create rare virtual items and ensure their scarcity. The the assets in the game is absolutely true and MOBOX NFT Farmer is a good tool to make money.
MOBOX NFT Farmertokens are BSC ,which are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain.
If the player experiences the joy of MOBOX NFT Farmer, they can follow the official instructions to join in. If you want to make money as a sideline, you need to think carefully.