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What is Belt Finance? is a stableswap AMM protocol that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimizing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), HECO Chain, and Klaytn with low fees/slippage that also provides aggregation through vault compounding, lending and yield generation for maximum returns. Belt Finance is  focused on giving users the best yield through a combination of trading fee rewards and a multi-strategy optimization vault system. By utilizing multiple strategies simultaneously, minimizes dependence on any one protocol while generating users the best possible yield rates in DeFi. This also protects users from low-liquidity withdrawal issues. Users do not actively need to move their assets around between protocols to find the best yield, as Belt Finance vaults do it for them. This guarantees the highest reliable yield possible as it provides an amalgamation of many parts of the DeFi ecosystem. Security First Belt has put heavy investment and utmost focus into security. Belt has multiple audits, a thriving bug bounty system, and an open, experienced team. Strategized, reliable yield from top DeFi Protocols Belt’s vaults spread your deposits across the top DeFi protocols in each ecosystem, letting you earn optimized returns from all of them simultaneously. Trade your stablecoins efficiently Taking advantage of our ample liquidity, Belt’s stableswap AMM gives you the best rates on trades of major stablecoins, with low slippage and fees. Cross-Chain Capabilities Belt Finance is currently available on Binance Smart Chain, HECO Chain, and Klaytn, with even more chains to come. Take advantage of our services on every chain.


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Belt Financetakes full advantage of the power of the blockchain.It is a game based on the NFT + meta-universe on BSC Klaytn Heco blockchain which anyone can play. Any new player can earn game tokensBSC to consume or transact in the virtual world.
NFT is a non-homogeneous token, and NFT provides a new way to solve copyright problems: when a work is cast as an NFT chain, it is given a unique code that can not be tampered with. No matter how many times the work is copied and disseminated, the original author remains the sole owner of the work. With the help of blockchain, players can create rare virtual items and ensure their scarcity. The the assets in the game is absolutely true and Belt Finance is a good tool to make money.
Belt Financetokens are BSC ,which are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain.
If the player experiences the joy of Belt Finance, they can follow the official instructions to join in. If you want to make money as a sideline, you need to think carefully.