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Based on the popular BNB Miner project, brought to Polygon What is MATIC Miner?  MATIC Miner is not to be confused with farms

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Splinterlands statistics

This data represents the raw on-chain activity of the tracked smart contracts
For this data we are tracking:Smart Contracts
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Based on the popular BNB Miner project, brought to Polygon What is MATIC Miner?  MATIC Miner is not to be confused with farms. Miners are not bought, they're hired and therefore can not be sold. Once miners are hired they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of MATIC at a starting rate of 3% daily. Strategies are personal, you either strictly compound AKA "Hire More Miners", strictly pocket MATIC or you do a healthy combination of both. In our opinion the best strategy is to compound as often as profitable, considering transaction gas. Once you're happy with your daily, weekly or monthly results, take profits as often as you see fit and simply continue compounding the rest. Strategies & Additional Information: Verified Public Contract The MATIC Miner contract is public, verified and can be found on PolygonScan. MATIC Miner is for users who want long term profits and sustainability. It is not for people who want instant profits that ultimately Rekt others. MATIC Miner pays a modest 3% daily, allowing investors to rest easy knowing that their investments have unlimited growth potential and a maximum, improbable risk of less than 3%. Our algorithm allows every participant to profit handsomely, no matter their strategy but it will not allow any single participant to have an unfair advantage over other participants. It's truly a beautiful thing! While the MATIC Miner algorithm makes sure that all participants receive their fair share of rewards, it also favours its most supportive participants through its compounding option AKA "Hire More Miners".


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MATIC MINERtakes full advantage of the power of the blockchain.It is a game based on the NFT + meta-universe on Polygon blockchain which anyone can play. Any new player can earn game tokensPolygon to consume or transact in the virtual world.
NFT is a non-homogeneous token, and NFT provides a new way to solve copyright problems: when a work is cast as an NFT chain, it is given a unique code that can not be tampered with. No matter how many times the work is copied and disseminated, the original author remains the sole owner of the work. With the help of blockchain, players can create rare virtual items and ensure their scarcity. The the assets in the game is absolutely true and MATIC MINER is a good tool to make money.
MATIC MINERtokens are Polygon ,which are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain.
If the player experiences the joy of MATIC MINER, they can follow the official instructions to join in. If you want to make money as a sideline, you need to think carefully.