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Space Heroes

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What is Space Heroes?

What is Space Heroes?
LORE: Space Heroes is a futuristic blockchain game based on many of the stories we know related to the end of the world. In this story a group of astronauts, the best in the world selected by the human race go out in search of habitable planets and resources necessary to save the human race of the imminent death of our planet earth due to overexploitation of resources and the ecosystemic collapse.

In this metaverse of astronauts you will be able to execute different activities, which will provide valuable goods called NFTs. These goods can be of various types and different uses but, always leave passive and active profits to the players, making Space Heroes a Play-To-Earn game managed by the community and the creators as a team.

We are focused on creating a win-win income machine. Our initial concept is based on giving the community the option to earn more with less. It is an Airdrops strategy where the community takes more instantaneous, short and long-term benefits, with fewer risks since it does not make investments, a great part of our drops are free. We name it Community-Market Maker, people set up the prices of our NFTs in dependance of their case of uses and other facts.

For investors there are also benefits that include monthly drops, and if you are one of those who loves to play, there is a whole metaverse where you can complete tasks and do business with the rewards obtained or owning Hangar, Laboratory and much more earning commissions for the rental or use of these assets.


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Space Heroestakes full advantage of the power of the blockchain.It is a game based on the NFT + meta-universe on WAX blockchain which anyone can play. Any new player can earn game tokensWAX to consume or transact in the virtual world.
NFT is a non-homogeneous token, and NFT provides a new way to solve copyright problems: when a work is cast as an NFT chain, it is given a unique code that can not be tampered with. No matter how many times the work is copied and disseminated, the original author remains the sole owner of the work. With the help of blockchain, players can create rare virtual items and ensure their scarcity. The the assets in the game is absolutely true and Space Heroes is a good tool to make money.
Space Heroestokens are WAX ,which are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain.
If the player experiences the joy of Space Heroes, they can follow the official instructions to join in. If you want to make money as a sideline, you need to think carefully.